When they’re making a movie about men they make a movie about lifting a house into the sky with balloons and traveling across the world, or about a lonely garbage robot with a heart of gold (so to speak.) When they’re making a movie about girls they make a movie about the restrictions placed on girls, and how this one! special! girl! will fight the (other women) people enforcing these restrictions placed on her.

Pro-tip: when the only plot you’ll write for girls are about how they’re GIRLS! DID YOU NOTICE THEY’RE GIRLS!! LOOK IT’S A GIRL! (BUT NOT A ~~GIRLY-GIRL~~ DON’T WORRY) THE WORLD IS UNFAIR TO GIRLS BUT SOME OF THEM ARE PERFORMATIVELY MASCULINE AND THAT MAKES THEM COOL. as a priority dominating the story about them as people and it comes off as feet-draggingly second-wave and smacking of tokenism even though she’s the chief protagonist, which is almost impressive.